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Septic Hydro


Septic Hydro Jetting in the Tulsa Area

Just like all plumbing systems, septic systems are capable of getting clogged from time to time. Your drainage field in particular is prone to developing sludge in the piping. When that happens, don’t fret!

On Call Services can clear those pipes with septic hydro jetting – where we use a special nozzle and highly pressurized water to push the sludge out of your piping and rejuvenate your system.

However, hydro jetting can be dangerous on septic systems that are past their prime. Give us a call to find out if hydro jetting is the right choice for your septic system!

24/7/365 Emergency Services Available!

Septic Hydro Jetting from the Experts

Hydro Jet cleaning or “hydro jetting” is a powerful and useful cleaning method for some aerobic systems. The method uses pure water at high pressures to efficiently clean piping systems. Besides taking care of blockages, hydro jetting has been known to remove bacteria and bad odors out of systems.

However, great care needs to be taken by someone with experience. Our team can come and safely clean your system with hydro jetting.

When done incorrectly, hydro jetting can damage piping and push solids wildly through the system. Done correctly, this method can clean the tanks and header line with effective, beneficial results.

To discuss whether hydro jetting is right for your aerobic treatment unit (ATU) system, give us a call!