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Septic Tank Installation

After we meet and understand the local regulations and get permits, we begin installing the septic tank. We’ll also make room for inlet and outlet piping. We will look at what type of manhole cover might be needed as well. Every septic system installed by On Call Services is permitted by the Department of Environmental Quality and inspected by a State Certified Inspector.

Septic Maintenance

On Call Services can help you with all of your septic repair and maintenance needs in the Tulsa area. We can install your system and help you stay ahead of costly repairs through routine maintenance that will keep your system functioning as efficiently as possible. Give us a call for your Tulsa septic maintenance before you have an issue!

Septic Tank Inspections

Here at On Call Services & Rentals, we have a team of licensed septic inspectors who will thoroughly document every step of your inspection and provide you with peace of mind about the status of your septic tank. We carry out comprehensive, camera-assisted inspections that rigidly follow all standards imposed by the Department of Environmental Quality.

Septic Tank Jetting

On Call Services & Rentals starts with a site evaluation and will go over the installation process with you before any work is performed. Site evaluations are important to determine the size of the drainage field and the septic tank that will be needed.


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